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1982 Game Achievements

15 July 2017, Saturday, 13:38:45



Chariots of Fire
Kill 8 enemies in an explosion [Arcade Mode]


Respect Braybrook
Kill an Influence Device [Time Attack Mode]


Combat Rock
Destroy 20 power-ups in a row [Arcade Mode]


Let 5 ghosts return to Earth [Arcade Mode]


Killing Joke
Create ‘Major Havoc’ 5 times [Arcade Mode]


Love Plus One
Save Man 10 times in a row [Arcade Mode]


Eye of the Tiger
Survive for 64.802 seconds [Survivor Mode]


The Wall
Score 8k [Survivor Mode]


ET Landfill
Score 64k before a man is lost [Arcade Mode]


Not 48 Hrs
Get a x24 multiplier [Arcade Mode]


Phone Home
Rescue Man 3 times [Survivor Mode]


I Want Candy
Let 3 power-ups burn [Survivor Mode]


The Party’s Over
Score 500 without power-ups [Survivor Mode]


The Sky’s Gone Out
Survive until midnight [Arcade Mode]


Friend or Foe
Kill Man 5 times [Time Attack Mode]


Apollo Greed
Catch 10 power-ups [Time Attack Mode]


Rocky XV
Finish with a x15 multiplier [Time Attack Mode]


Fizz Bucks
Collect 333 coins [Arcade Mode]


Womp Rat
Kill the Death Star [Arcade Mode]


First Blood
Get hit less than 5 times [Time Attack Mode]

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