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8-Bit Bayonetta Achievement Guide / All Achievements

2 April 2017, Sunday, 1:29:13


All Details for every Single Achievement.



Don’t Give Up
Just try again after you die.

Death From Above
Get killed by one of the Flying Angels.

Get yourself killed by one of the Land Angels.

Get killed without getting any points.

In The Face
Kill one of the Land Angels.

Double Jump a ton during one life (I’d say around 20 times)

Wait for about 2-3 Land Angels to get close to you, then jump in the air to avoid their attacks.

Bullet Ballet
Shoot shoot shoot! Mash the two fire keys a bunch to get this achievement.

Get a score of at least 5000.

High Roller
Get a score between 8000 and 13000 before you die.

High Score
Get your score above 13000 for this one.

Do a single jump 30 times (Just hit jump once and not again until you land). This one adds up between multiple playthroughs.

Unlimited Ammo
Fire off 1000 bullets (This one adds up between playthroughs as well).

Close and open the game 5 times. An easy way to annoy your Steam Friends 🙂

Kill 1000 angels (This is according to other users)

Very Specific
Get a score of 5700.


Hidden Picture


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Name : Rich | Comment Date : April 11th, 2017

Antigravity is jump for 30 times 😉

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