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A Robot Named Fight – Power Ups and Upgrades

11 September 2017, Monday, 19:46:42


Power Ups and Upgrades

-Health Up: Adds a segment to your total Health
-Energy Up: Adds a segment to your total Energy
-Speed Up: Movement Speed increases
-Attack Up: Attack Speed Increases (Fire from blaster arm more rapidly)
-Damage Up: Blaster arm damage increases

-Scrap: Basic Scrap components for forging items.
-Red Archaic Chip: A rare crafting component that is marked on the in-game map like other hidden items.
-Blue Archaic Chip: A rare crafting component that is marked on the in-game map like other hidden items.
-Green Archaic Chip: A rare crafting component that is marked on the in-game map like other hidden items.



Blaster Arm Upgrades
-Electrical Charge: Charge up to a large, more damaging blast
-Damaging Aura: Creates a aura around every shot that increases damaging area of each shot.
-Phasing Shot: Each shot will pass through Terrain (But not some destructable blocks)
-Piercing Shot: Will shoot through Meat (Enemies).
-Fire Bolt: Deals Fire Damage, and can cause enemies to take burning damage over time.



Secondary Weapons
-Spread Gun
-Balde Disc Gun
-Flame Thrower
-Nail Gun
-Lightning Gun



-Shooting Orb: Fires a small, single bullet that travels in a straight line in the direction you are facing. Deals 1/2 the damage of a normal bolt from the arm blaster. And only fires when you press the fire button, will not auto fire as with the arm blaster. The Bullets also do not open doors, nor destroy breakable blocks, but they can uncover them.
-Health Orb
-Shield Orb
-Light Orb
-Hunter Killer Orb: Very useful and powerful, however tricky to use. It has very limited range of effect, however once it gets close to a enemy to track it, it will latch on and use spikes to deal rapid damage until the Meat creature is dead. (Untested vs. bosses and mini bosses.)



Suit Upgrades
-Slide: Allows you to slide into tight spaces that you cant normally get through.
-Dash: Allows you to hold the action button to perform a fast dash. It deals some damage, however dashing into larger enemies also causes you to take damage. Also creates a small triangular dash icon on FIGHT!s shoulder.
-Double Jump: The classic platforming staple. Jump, then jump again.
-Jet Pack: After jumping press and hold jump again (Or a third time if you have double jump as well) and you will be given a slightly slow flight upwards. You can let go of jump and fall, and press it again to start the Jet pack again. While it requires no energy, it will run out of charge but be ready for use once you’ve landed and jumped again.
-Arachnamorph: Turn into a little spider with impressive speed and jumping abilities, as well as capable of firing the Arm Blaster from its central eye. Used to fit into tight areas you cannot walk through. (Not yet tested if dash, double jump or other upgrades worh with Arachnamorph)

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