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Abandon Ship shows FTL-like combat in Lovecraftian Seas

30 April 2017, Sunday, 2:00:26


Abandon Ship is a game that’s been flying under most people’s radar’s since its original reveal late last year, but as the trailers for the FTL-like roguelike game have started to appear, it’s starting to gather steam. The latest one looks at combat and breaks down all of the horrors and enemies you may face on your journey across the dangerous seas.

Other ships will be your main opponents, with similar arrangements of cannons, sails, crew and abilities. You’ll have to manage your distance, where to place your crew, repair damage, fire specialised weapons and all the while look to avoid the terrors of the deep.



Developed by Fireblade Software, Abandon Ship has a number of other exciting elements that augment gameplay. The world is procedurally generated, with new enemies to face in every play through and new mysteries to uncover in the island strewn world. The art style is designed to be reminiscent of old naval paintings, though the weather isn’t just aesthetic. It will have serious effects on how your battles play out.



Abandon Ship is set for release sometime this year, though the developers haven’t been very specific about when.

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