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Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Cheat Codes

11 February 2017, Saturday, 17:53:27


Puzzle Solutions:

Note: The order of the puzzles will vary depending on your path through the game.

* The first answer is “21”
* The second answer is “second tram”
* The time of the first murder is “6:05”
* The route is “A”
* Mary Drower’s age is “22 years old”
* The date of the second murder is “25”
* “Fido”
* Barnard’s house number is “27”
* The unscrambled word is “FINGERPRINTS”
* “10:14”
* The amount of pie that each brother gets is “25%”
* Thora’s riddle is “34 notes”
* “3 dogs”
* Mary Drower’s second riddle is ” 29″
* The unscrambled word is “TRADE”
* There are twelve “5”s
* The race results are:
green is first, yellow is second, red is third, white is fourth, blue is fifth.
* The stranger appears at the house at 11:20
* The unscrambled word is “ARROW”
* The fourth murder will occur on the 11th
* The unscrambled word is “STOCKINGS”
* Cubic feet is “0”
* Laps is “7”
* Hours is “25”
* Bahram is first, Caligula sixth, Fairway is third, Hyperion is fifth.
* Sandwich is second and Windsor Lad is fourth.
* Sheep is “17”
* Unscrambled word is “BLOOD”
* Cust’s address is “19”
* Dominoes is 3″73″
* C) is second then third
* “Opal, Susan, Alice”
* “Egg”
* “35%”
* “16 bills”
* “0 passengers”
* The real murderer is “Clarke”
* In the Lost Clues case, “Oliver is guilty”.

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