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Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas: New Civs and Their Bonuses Guide

18 December 2016, Sunday, 19:08:26


1) Burmese:
Monk & Elephant civilization
Free Lumbercamp upgrades
Infantry +1 attack per Age
Monastery techs 50% cheaper
Unique Unit:
Arambai (ranged cavalry)
Unique Technologies:
Howdah: Battle Elephants +1/+2 armor
Manipur Cavalry: Cavalry and Arambai +6 attack vs buildings
Team Bonus:
Relics visible on map


2) Khmer:
Siege & Elephant civilization
No buildings required to advance to the next Age or to unlock other buildings
Battle Elephants +15% faster
Villagers can garrison in Houses
Unique Unit:
Ballista Elephant (cavalry siege)
Unique Technologies:
Tusk Swords: Battle Elephants +3 attack
Double Crossbow: Ballista Elephants and Scorpions shoot two projectiles
Team Bonus:
Scorpions +1 range


3) Malay:
Naval civilization
Advancing to Ages +100% faster
Fishing Ships and Fish Traps cost -33%
Fish Traps provide unlimited food
Battle Elephants 20% cheaper
Unique Unit:
Karambit Warrior (infantry)
Unique Technologies:
Thalassocracy: Docks upgraded to Harbors, which shoot arrows
Forced Levy: Militia-line costs no gold
Team Bonus:
Docks +100% LOS


4) Vietnamese:
Archer civilization
Reveal enemy positions at game start
Archery Range units +10% HP Feudal, +15% Castle, +20% Imperial Age
Free Conscription
Unique Unit:
Rattan Archer (archer)
Unique Technologies:
Chatras: Battle Elephants +30 HP
Paper Money: Tributes 500 gold to each Ally
Team Bonus:
Have access to Imperial Skirmisher upgrade

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