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Agents of Mayhem – How to Make Your Weapon Invisible

20 August 2017, Sunday, 21:01:36


Agents of Mayhem – How to Make Your Weapon Invisible

If you want to have an invisible weapon with Oni/Rama you have to follow these steps :

[!] When you swap your agents you have to do it all over again [!]

1) Pick your Agent
2) Press “Ctrl” or the camo bind
3) Press “,” or the mission bind
4) Your weapon will be invisible
5) Enjoy



Rama :

01601581-40A7-4B99-849E-BE8F048A2DB6-1262-000001C7A421710F 9922B4D9-4632-4AB2-A0F6-8E4A34138884-1262-000001C7A75DEECE


Oni :

B22AE0B5-135A-4451-B141-FADB7F26C62D-1262-000001C7AA7AEA96 IMG_7165

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