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Agents of Mayhem Xbox One Controls

14 August 2017, Monday, 22:16:42


On Foot Controls

Move – Left Stick

Sprint – Left Analog Stick

Aim – Right Stick

Melee – Right Analog Stick

Interact/Scan – Y

Dash/Cloak – B

Reload – X

Jump/Triple Jump – A

Shoot – RT

Special Ability – RB

Fine Aim – LT

Use Gremlin Tech – LB

Mayhem Ability – LB + RB

Call Vehicle – D-Pad Up

Swap Agent – D-Pad Left or Right

Emote – D-Pad Left or Right (Hold)

Mission Menu – D-Pad Down

Field Menu – View Button

Pause – Menu Button






Vehicle Controls

Steer – Left Stick

Aim – Right Stick

Exit Vehicle – Y

Boost – X

Drift – A

Accelerate – RT

Brake/Reverse – LT

Quick Turn – LT + A




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