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Agony – Golden Martyr Statue Locations Guide

5 June 2018, Tuesday, 11:07:10

Golden Martyr Statue Locations

Golden Martyr Statues are found in 5 locations in the game. They appear as crucified torsos, and you need to collect their arms, legs, and head to re-attach them, after which they vanish and grant a small reward (usually a note or a golden statuette).


Chapter 1 – Maze of Madness Statue

Right Arm – From the starting location, take the left path. It will be on an altar right in front of you.

Right Leg – From the Right Arm, take a few steps back and look to the right of the altar. There will be a hole in the wall. Crawl through the hole, and take the first left. Around the corner will be another altar with this piece.

Left Leg – From the exit, face back towards the maze. The Left Leg is being held by one of the many hands on the right side of the exit path.

Left Arm – From the entrance, proceed through the right path (once its been opened). Take an immediate left, followed by a right. Hug the left wall from here until you come to a large room with water on the floor. The arm is on an altar on the left side.

Head – From the entrance, proceed through the right path (once its been opened). Take an immediate left, followed by a right. Straight ahead should be a crevasse in the wall. Go through the crevasse and follow the path to the right to find the head.

Body – From the exit, hug the left wall and follow it. Before long you will come to the Golden Martyr Statue.



Chapter 2 – Fractal Forest Statue – NOTE: Cannot be completed as Succubus

Left Leg – If you take the left path from the entrance, there is a Dimensional Rift (looks like a green kneeling woman). In this rift, the leg is lying on the ground.

Left Arm – If you follow the left wall from the entrance (or from the Left Leg) and continue, eventually you will find a stone structure with an altar on the back of it. The arm is on the altar.

Right Leg – If you follow the right side of the map, you will eventually see a somewhat well lit cave. Near the entrance is the Right Leg, which is fairly visible on the floor. Its right next to the Torso.

Right Arm – From the Golden Martyr Cave, if you look out, you will see some curved steps immediately in front of you. Walk up them, and you will be warped into a different dimension. In the arms of a statue is the Right Arm.

Head – Fairly difficult to find. As you approach the exit to this area, you will pass a very large burning lake with a statue in it. To the left of this lake is a small area of land. You can get to it either by jumping across the burning water (you will take damage), or by closely examining the rock wall near that area, which has a crevasse. Inside is another Dimensional Rift, which contains the head.

Torso – If you follow the right side of the map, you will eventually see a somewhat well lit cave. This is where the torso can be found. If you find the right leg, you are right by the entrance.



Chapter 3 – Frozen Fire Statue

Head – In the Upper Ice Caves, if you continue to follow the wall on the right, you will find a pile of hovering items. One of these items is the Head.

Torso – The Torso is in the Upper Ice Caves, just around the corner from the floating pile of stuff that contains the Head.

Left Arm – Towards the back of the the Ice Pit area (easily visible from the Upper Ice Caves overlook) is a large pillar of meat and flesh. Embedded in the front of it is the Left Arm.

Left Leg – Towards the back of the Ice Pit area is an open air area with snow and light falling in. On the floor on the right side is the leg.

Right Leg – In the center of the Ice Pit is a picture frame with a baby hung in it. The Right Leg is clearly visible from this picture.

Right Arm – From the entrance to the Ice Pit (where the Chort is sitting at a table), follow the left wall until you come to a crevasse. Move through the Crevasse to find a flaming ice hallway. On the left side, the arm is embedded in the wall.


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