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Airport CEO Cheats

11 October 2017, Wednesday, 22:50:04



Easy Money

This is a tip how to get money very quickly and without a lot of effort. At least 18000$/hour in the beginning.

So here it is: Deign your foundation as if you were using it for commercial flight, but use normal deviation first and build in the building at least 4 Shops and 4 Cafes, all 8 with 250 square meter and several fridges and shelves (6-8 in each shop/cafe depends on the contract). This will make you around 20k/hour. Even during nights!

With this setting you play the extreme difficulty as if it was a normal game.

Note: This might not work for later versions, but for 0.21.10 it does. Maybe the developers restrict that you can have 3 star shops/cafe from beginning.


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