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Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars – Weapons Guide

3 November 2017, Friday, 20:05:08



Base Weapons


Each player is given a blaster when you spawn. While the human and alien weapons look different, they behave identically.


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Primary fire: Single plasma ball.
Secondary fire: Single laser beam.




Players also receive a melee weapon called the Violator. This is a probing device that can kill players in very close proximity almost instantly. Of course, getting in such close proximity without getting killed is a difficult proposition.




Primary fire: Electrocution in forward direction.
Secondary fire: Lethal gas in all directions.



Pickup Weapons


Common weapon found in almost all levels. Hitting a player in the head will trigger the “Headshot” achievement.




Primary fire: Single laser beam with minor spash damage.
Secondary fire: Single laser beam with explosive splash damage(uses more ammo).




Common weapon found in almost all levels. Loses accuracy and effectiveness as range increases.




Primary fire: Automatic bullet fire.
Secondary fire: Single burst of bullets.




Fairly common weapon. Similar to a grenade launcher, only a bit more alien. Good for spamming in desperate situations, or large crowds.




Primary fire: Bouncing goo that electrocutes players in close proximity, and then explodes after a few bounces, or if directly hitting a player.

Secondary fire: Lays goo blobs on the ground that explode when a player runs over them, or eventually after a bit of time passes.



Rocket Launcher

Most common weapon in Alien Arena, and a staple of most all deathmatch games.




Primary fire: Fast moving single rocket.
Secondary fire: Slow moving homing rocket, needs “Cell” ammo to home in.




Fairly uncommon weapon. A very useful weapon in desperate situations.




Primary fire: Fire column, in close proximity.
Secondary fire: Fire ball, at medium range capability.




Somewhat common weapon. One of the more lethal weapons in the game, however both firing methods consume ammo rapidly.




Primary fire: Multiple laser beams.
Secondary fire: Multiple plasma balls.




Uncommon weapon. Extremely lethal, but also very slow firing and not a lot ammo initially. You cannot pick up new ammo for this weapon.




Primary fire: Devasting laser beam with enormous splash damage, uses ammo fast.
Secondary fire: Massive plasma ball with major splash damage.




Found in all maps. Every two minutes, this weapon will appear on the next weapon respawn, making it’s appearance very dynamic. A klaxxon sounds when one appears. This weapon not only gives the player frags, it removes them from the players it kills.




Primary fire: Robotic seeker. The seeker travels slowly, scanning for a player. When it finds one, it homes in very rapidly and destroys them instantly. Then it continues on until it finds another, or hits a wall and explodes.

Secondary fire: Robotic spider. The spiderbot will wait until a player appears and kill it. They often partrol around an area. Players can also destroy them by firing on them.


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