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ARK: Scorched Earth Cheats

2 September 2016, Friday, 17:36:38


Console Codes (Single-Player)
Press TAB to bring up the cheat console. From there, you can enter the following codes and press ENTER to unlock the corresponding effects.

Cheat Code  –  Result

God – Enables God Mode
Fly – You can fly
Walk – Deactivates “Fly” cheat
Teleport – Teleport forward in the direction you’re facing
Ghost – noclip (you can walk through walls and objects)
ToggleInfiniteAmmo – Infinite ammo
addexperience 1000 1 1 – Receive 1000 XP (or some other number of your choosing)
giveresources – Receive 50 of each resource
setcheatplayer true – Enables menu
setcheatplayer false – Disables menu
giveengrams – All crafting recipes are unlocked
settimeofday – You can set the time of day to suit your preference (i.e. 11:00)

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