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ARK: Survival Evolved Advantages of Tribe

8 July 2017, Saturday, 21:53:52


Why Tribes?
Working in a team has a big advantage over working alone. Not only do you level up faster in a tribe, because a percentage of XP that Tribe members gain, you gain as well, but also because you don’t need to use Engram Points on things that others can research instead and make for you. For example, if several people in your Tribe are online, you level up faster. Also, 1 person could learn buildings, 1 clothing, 1 weapons and so on.




Also, the above picture is a small Tribe on our server who level up and work together to tame Dinos and “Pimp them out”… They make us saddles so we can ride Dinos we tame that we haven’t unlocked saddles for and we give them Keratin as a result. Look at that Trex… Anyone in their Tribe can ride that. Is that not enough of a reason?


Tribe Actions

Make a Tribe
1-/ Press “L” to open Tribe Manager and name your Tribe (can be changed later)
2-/ Start inviting people (see below)

Invite people to your Tribe
1-/ Walk up to each other and press & Hold “E” for Options
2-/ Hover over “Invite to Tribe” and click once able
3-/ The Second person does the same but “Accept Invite” instead

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