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ARK: Survival Evolved Map Tips

8 July 2017, Saturday, 22:08:31


Map Basics
The map is quite large, but it has a simple grid system. Bring the map up with “M” and take a look. It starts covered with fog and as your venture around, it clears the fog / draws the map. There are some other tips and advice too though. See below.


Nav Tips
—How to Read Longitude/Latitude
-Read Up/Down then Left/Right (xx,yy)
-Corner of 4 grids = x0,y0 (20,40)
-Vertical border of 2 grids = x0, y5 (10,35)
-Horizontal border of 2 grids = x5, y0 (25,20)
-Center of a grid = x5,y5 (15,55)


—Set Markers
-Press P
-Add Longitude, Latitude & a short name
-Press Ok, then open your map (“M”) and view marker


-Servers can have MapPlayerLocation either on/off, so sometimes you can/can’t see your pin on the map, showing your location. If not, don’t sweat it, navigation gets easier and when you learn what spawn zones to utilize.

-You can unlock, learn and craft a compass at level 10, for 5 Engram Points (EP), with 5 Metal, 5 Flint, 30 Fiber. This can be placed in the Hot Bar and when equipped you can see you heading for navigation, as well as “hold right-click” to view it closer.

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