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ARK: Survival Evolved Taming Tips

8 July 2017, Saturday, 22:00:29


Taming Tips
-Taming can take up to several hours, be careful of inventory raids and attacks.

-Tamed animals will get XP just like the player, even whilst doing nothing.

-“J” calls your tamed animal to follow and stop them from following you with the “U” key.

-“T” calls over the tamed animal you’re looking at to follow you while the “Y” key tells the tamed animal you’re looking at to stop following you.

-Raw Prime Meat makes taming approximately 4x faster for Carnivores. Cooked Prime Meat makes taming approximately 2x faster.

-Stimberries DO NOT lower the food level faster, it only makes the Food counter refresh faster and lower Torpor. Do not use these for taming!

-Your tamed animals can die from starvation even while you are offline, so be sure there is enough food in their inventory. However, like players, inactive animals will use food very slowly.

-Be sure they have food at all times. When they’re empty, their taming meter will fall rapidly. Also, if they awake, you’ll lose all taming progress and lose any items in their inventory.

-When you have two tamed Creatures of the same species and with opposite genders near each other, they will receive a Mate Boost like their wild counterparts.

-You can level a dino a limited number of times. There is no max level, but they can only level 38 times from the level you tame them at (as of 181.0). This means if you tame a level 1, it will cap at 39 and not level anymore. Ideally, you want to tame a level 30 dino who has good auto-assigned stats. It is common for ‘end game’ hunters to stalk specific dinos (sometimes with specific colors) between lvl 25-30, knock them out, and then inspect their stats (if the game auto assigned their points to hunger or breath, then the hunter will look for another).

-“Level Required” for Saddles is only for crafting. You can apply a saddle a ride a Dino made by anyone else/found at any level.

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