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Avernum 3: Ruined World Console Commands

31 January 2018, Wednesday, 19:50:38


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press Shift+D to bring up a box. Enter the codes in here.




editor – Brings up the character editor, enabling you to freely edit your party’s skills, traits, and spells. Before this will work, you must enable it on the title screen.

fps – See Avernum’s current frame rate.

ouchouchouch – Heals and cures your group.

buffmenow – Gives each of your characters multiple blessings.

freemymind – Cures any character that is suffering from a mental effect. Also removes a death curse.

iampoor – Gives you 500 coins.

imdrained – Recharges your spell energy.

backtostart – Returns you to Fort Emergence. Very useful if you get stuck.

teachmenow – Gives you some experience.

showmeall – Makes all characters (even ones you can’t see) appear on your automap.

dontshowmeall – Stops making all characters appear on your automap.

resetboats – Returns all boats to their starting positions. Boats you previously purchased will no longer be your property. Use the backtostart cheat if this strands you somewhere.

calmthetower – Resets the timer for the Tower of Magi disaster.

letsbefriends – If Shayder, eastern villages, or a dragon are angry at you, calm them down.


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