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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – Quorum Alliance

2 September 2017, Saturday, 21:58:16


Quorum Alliance

As the war progresses, and Cylon and Colonial fleet presences change across Cyrannus, you will gain and lose favour with each of the Twelve Colonies.


The Quorum Status of colonies is increased by removing roaming Cylon forces, completing Resource Missions, or fortifying the colony. A colony is fortified when a fleet that has an assigned officer is anchored at the location. Fortified colonies will have an icon underneath their flag in the Colony flag row to indicate the officer’s presence.


When a Cylon fleet is present at a colony, or a Resource Mission is left unchallenged, the colony’s Quorum Status will deteriorate. A colony that has an unchallenged Cylon fleet is considered hostile; it will provide a reduced tylium income, and its Quorum status will continue to deteriorate while the Cylon fleet is present.


If the colony’s Quorum Status reaches too low, the colony will defect from the alliance. A defected colony will no longer provide any tylium income, and will not produce any new officers for you to recruit.


If you lose the support of the Quorum majority, the Twelve Colonies alliance will be temporarily disbanded. During this time, you will not be able to engage with any campaign story missions, and your Requisition Points pool will slowly drain. The alliance can be restored by increasing the Quorum Status of six colonies back to operational status.

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