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Bendy and the Ink Machine All Achievements / Achievement Guide

29 April 2017, Saturday, 11:40:24


Details for every single achievement.


Chapter 1
Picking Up the Pieces
Collect all the items to make the ritual

Hello Bendy
Run to the exit door and fall

Crooner Tuner
Turn on the radio

The Creator
Visit theMeatly

To visit him, do the ritual then go to Boris’s room and go towards the poster




Chapter 2
My Favorite Song
Solve Sammy’s puzzle

Strike Up The Band
Get all the Bendys onstage

To get all Bendys on stage, err puzzle

Coast to Coast
Turn on the radio

Canadian Bacon
Eat all the cans of bacon soup

The Believer
Survive being chased by Bendy

Man Behind the Curtain
Visit theMeatly

To view it pull the lever to drain the ink then go into the room next to the pipe organ room
And enter that wall.



Johnny’s Broken Heart
Touch the pipe organ 5 times

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