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Bendy and the Ink Machine Bacon Soup Locations Guide

28 April 2017, Friday, 18:51:19


Bacon Soup locations
Right at the beginning of the chapter after you knock the boards off the door and go down the stairs, there will be 3 soups right there.





Continue forward and you will see a shelf full of soups. Pick up all of them.




Press all 3 buttons and continue onward. After knocking the boards off, head right and flip the power switch. Kill all the monsters and head to the hallway on the left. In the second door on the right, there will be a soup on the desk straight ahead.




Leave the room and go right. Interact with the tape recorder and find the keys. Once found, head back to the closet. Inside there will be 4 soups. 3 on the top shelf, 1 on the bottom shelf.




Continue on with the story until you get hit on the head and tied up. After the dialogue, kill all the monsters and look on the right side of the room. There is a soup hiding behind a barrel.




Continue down the hallway and let Bendy chase you into the room. The last soup should be sitting on a barrel by the last doorway.



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