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Black Survival – Food & Miscellaneous

7 January 2018, Sunday, 19:47:17


Food & Miscellaneous

First Aid Kit
Text: Treatment : First aid is important
Effect: Remove the latest wound

Network PC
Text: GPS : Turn right at the next intersection.
Effect: Chance of finding the encrypted code +0.7% for every time searching in the research center. (15s duration. Refreshes on search).

Smoke Bomb
Text: Smokescreen : Can’t see anything, just like my future…
Effect: Search rate for opponent, wild animals, items, corpses, and EXP -30% (for 15 secs, current area)

Searing Palm Scroll
Text: Searing Palm
Effect: On landing the normal attack, skill dmg +5
When used, you acquire Searing Palm ability. Damage increases by 5 when attacking.

Text: Awakening
Effect: Atk +15
Effect2: +15 armor
(Refills stam and buff lasts 120 seconds)

Clang Clatter
Text: Clang Clang Clang!
Effect: Causes noise in the current area when used

Wizard’s Fishing Pole
Text: Sage’s Hook
Effect: After channeling for 3 secs, reel in a random fish

System Shutdown Code
Text: System Shutdown
Effect: Shutdown the System when used in Research Center (Network PC is required)

Text: Silencer
Effect: Silences gunshots
(Make sure to have ammo in weapon or else it counts as a blunt weapon when applied).


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