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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Cheats

25 May 2018, Friday, 10:09:39


Boss Rush Cheat Codes

You can put modifiers on your boss rush runs if you hold down one of the following buttons and then press start on boss rush:


i – Nightmare Mode Boss Difficulty

N – Ultimate Zangetsu (normal boss difficulty)

T – Infinite Weapon Points

C – Subweapons and Hearts Regenerate After Each Battle




Unlocking Hidden/Secret Game Modes

Nightmare: Beat the game with all characters recruited

Ultimate: Beat the game with only Zangetsu by killing every other character

Boss Rush: Beat the game with only Zangetsu by killing every other character






Moonlight of Temptation: Clear Stage 1

Frigid Hell: Clear Stage 2

The brilliant Void: Clear Stage 3

Blasphemy unto Heaven: Clear Stage 4

Sunder the Night: Clear Stage 5

Tragedy of Slaughter: Clear Stage 6

Defiler of Taboos: Clear Stage 7

Cleave the moon: Clear Stage 8

Those Left Behind: Recruit every adventurer and finish the game

Fallen Moon’s Requeim: Complete the game on Nightmare mode

Emperor of Darkness: Sacrifice every adventurer and finish the game

Nightmare’s End: Beat the game without killing or recruiting anyone

Blade Gleaming at Sunrise: Beat the game with only recruiting Miriam

Big Game Hunting!: Beat boss rush mode


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