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Blue Solar: Chaos War Tips and Tricks

21 July 2016, Thursday, 16:47:14


1-) The ICS is a central hub for all nations, try checking here for story leads.

2-) It’s possible to trade between pilots, you can exchange goods between your ships, have them arrive at the same point in space and you will have the ability to [exchange] with one another.

3-) Trade ships are unarmed. You can make a quick buck by attacking neutral trade ships and no government will get involved. Now all you need to watch out for is your conscience.

4-) If you can’t find what you are looking for, perhaps a Pirate nation planet might have it? Of course, you will need to convince them to let you use their markets…

5-) If you can’t find the right story on a planet chances are it was recently conquered by another nation. Try checking planets that used to be under that nation.

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