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Bunny Madness Anarchy Achievements

1 July 2017, Saturday, 23:20:27



Meet The Team
Look at the Credits


Score 50 kills in Team Death Match


Stun 2 enemies with a single stun grenade


Nothing can stop me
Survive 5 waves solo in Horde Mode


Feral Exterminator
Score 100 kills in Horde Mode


Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade


Walking… What is it good for?
Dodge 30 times


Don’t try to hide
Tag 100 enemies in Team Death Match


I go kaboom!
Kill yourself 3 times with grenades


Take that!
10 Melee kills in a single match


BMA Meet Up
Have an 8 player LAN match


Say Cheese!
Flash 5 players at the same time with a flash grenade


Survive lethal injuries 3 times in a match


Unstoppable…for now
15 Kills without dying


Where do you think you’re going?
Stun enemies 50 times in Team Death Match


Tag you’re it
Kill 2 tagged enemies with Malice


Group Project
Survive 10 waves in Horde Mode as a group


King of TDM
Win 20 Team Death Match Games


Run Malice Run
Sprint 5 miles


Explosions for everyone
Score 50 kills using grenades in Team Death Match

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