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Business Tour – Online Multiplayer Board Game – The Special Tiles Guide

27 July 2017, Thursday, 21:03:49


Special tiles
The special tiles are as listed below:

*Resorts : Resorts are treated as normal tiles although they cannot be repurchased and having all 4 of them results in an instant win.
Chance : Chance gives you a random power-up. These can either be useful or harmful.
Lost Island An island where you’ll get stuck for 3 rounds if you stop on it. You can also get to here with a chance card. To get out you can wait 3 rounds, pay a $200,000 fee, or use the escape card which you can win from chances.
World Championship : If you get here you can choose a city to host the championships. This will increase the rent and each time it is cast the rent multiplier is increased.
World Tour : If you stop on this tile, the next time you get a turn you can go to any unclaimed land (excluding special tiles [you can still go to Resorts]) or any land that you own. You’ll pay a $50,000 fee to use it.
Tax Agency : When you stop on this tile, you’ll pay 10% of all your landscape’s worth.
Start Tile : Each time you step on this tile (you don’t have to stop on it) you’ll get a $300,000 pay-check.

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