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Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Salvation Cheats

11 September 2016, Sunday, 0:41:58


Gathering The Lanterns:

Before you start gathering the Wisps make sure you have found the Pack-a-Punch Machine and improved your Weapon. Now get ready to location all the Lanterns and interact with them to hear a quote from Dr. Monty/Shadow Man.

* Start Location – Behind the Truck
* Origins – Upper Area near the Old Generator
* Der Eisendrache – Near Anti-Gravity Area check the table
* Verruckt – On the Shelf(Downstairs)
* Nacht Der Untoten
* Above Control Terminal
* Up the Stairs
* Beside Box Downstairs

Find the Runes of Creation:

Check out your right side of the inventory which is for the Runes of Creation and you must collect all 4 pieces. The Player must not play solo and try to play with 3 players instead to get the controller to Buzz. Once you get near the location press square to interact and a worm will pop out which will spin and self-destruct to get your the Rune.

* Origins – Purple Rune
* Der Eisendrache – Blue Rune
* Spawn Area – Yellow Rune
* Shangri-La – White Rune

How to Unlock Tommy Gun M1927:

These White Chalk messages can be found all over the Map, there are 5 different messages you need to find and interact. Here are the all 5 locations where you will find the writings:

Chalk 1
Location: In Der Eisendrache, look at the Wall inside Pyramid Chamber
Message: Wish Too Often Ans Your Wishing Well Will Run

Chalk 2
Location: In Verruckt, look ar the floor in the Corruption Engine Area
Message: Ascend From Darkness

Chalk 3
Location: In Nacht der Untoten, you must scribble the spiral Stairs leading upstairs.
Message: Salvation Lies Above

Chalk 4
Location: In Kino der Toten, look at the wall next to the ‘Help’ Room.
Message: A Sole Alone Can Follow The Path

Chalk 5
Location: In Kino der Toten, interact with the teleportation device above the
White Wall.
Message: Knowledge Itself Is For The Talking

Once you Replace all the chalk writings, you will hear a sound effect which means you have completed the objective and you can head to Der Eisendrache to wall-buy the Tommy Gun.

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