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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland – How To Turn On The Power Locations Guide & How To Unlock The Pack-A-Punch Machine

6 November 2016, Sunday, 3:51:38

How To Turn On The Power Locations Guide & How To Unlock The Pack-A-Punch Machine:

The Pack-a-Punch Machine can be obtained after turning on the power*. It is always in the same spot. As well as the mentioned power generator locations on the Zombies in Spaceland map.

Requirements: You need around 14,000 money to unlock all barriers and pack a punch an weapon. Normally you should be able to pack a punch your weapon in Round 6-8. To unlock the pack a punch machine and location you must activate the 4 power switches and the 4 portals across the map. There are 2 portals in the Journey into Space area, 1 portal in Kepler System area and 1 portal in Polar Peak area. After you activate all portals you can teleport to the Pack-a-Punch Machine and upgrade your weapon.

00:09 – Power Station Location #1 – Journey into Space
00:58 – Power Station Location #2 – Journey into Space
01:48 – Power Station Location #3 – Kepler System
02:19 – Power Station Location #4 – Polar Peak
03:14 – Pack-a-Punch Machine Location

• A short guide showing you how to find the Pack-a-Punch Machine and the power switches in Zombies in Spaceland.



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