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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland – How To Upgrade your weapon with an Elemental Effect Guide

6 November 2016, Sunday, 4:00:54

How To Upgrade your weapon with an Elemental Effect (Fire, Wind, Storm, Venom):

The 4 Elemental Upgrades can be obtained after turning on the power on Zombies in Spaceland and unlocking the Pack-A-Punch Machine. They are always in the same spot. They can be obtained after interacting with the purple Soul Jar next to the Pack-A-Punch Machine, after which 4 little UFO’s will fly off to 4 trap sections on the map in the Kepler System, Journey into Space, Astrocade, and Polar Peak.


• A short guide showing you where to find the Elemental Upgrades in Zombies in Spaceland.


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