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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Bolt Cape Dismantling and Assembling Guide

9 August 2017, Wednesday, 12:17:39


Bolt Cape Dismantling and Assembling Guide

– Alternator
– Engine block (V8 OHV)
– Power Steering Pump (V8)
– Crankshaft (V8 OHV)
– Cam Gear (V8 OHV)
– Camshaft (V8 OHV)
– Crankshaft Pulley (V8 OHV)
– Clutch Plate
– Clutch Pressure Plate
– Clutch Release Bearing
– Carburetor (4-barrel)
– Ignition Coil B
– Ignition Distributor
– Ignition Distributor Rotor
– Ignition Distributor Cap
– Ignition Wires (V8)
– Intake Manifold (1 carb)
– Round Air Filter Base (1 carb)
– Round Air Filter (1 carb)
– Round Air Filter Cover (1 carb)
– Timing Chain (V8 OHV)
– Timing Cover (V8 OHV)
– Water Pump (V8 OHV)
– Water Pump Pulley
– Serpentine Belt B (V8 OHV)
– Serpentine Belt A (V8 OHV)
– Radiator Fan (V8 OHV)
– Flywheel
– Fuel Filter
– Engine Head Cover A (V8 OHV)
– Engine Head Cover B (V8 OHV)
– Oil Filter (V8 OHV)
– Oil Pan (V8 OHV)
– 2x Clip B
– 2x Engine Head (V8 OHV)
– 2x Exhaust Manifold (V8 OHV)
– 3x Crankshaft Bearing Cap
– 8x Piston With Conrod
– 8x Piston Rings
– 8x Rod Cap
– 8x Spark Plug
– 16x Valve Push Rod
– 16x Rocker Arm


– Bolt Cape Front Bumper
– Bolt Cape Rear Bumper
– Bolt Cape Left Headlight
– Bolt Cape Right Headlight
– Bolt Cape Trunk
– Bolt Cape left Taillight
– Bolt Cape Right Taillight
– Bolt Cape Left Trunk Taillight
– Bolt Cape Right Trunk Taillight
– Bolt Cape Hood
– Bolt Cape Front Left Fender
– Bolt Cape Front Right Fender
– Bolt Cape Front Left Door
– Bolt Cape Front Right Door
– Bolt Cape Left Side Mirror
– Bolt Cape Right Side Mirror
– Bolt Cape Front Window
– Bolt Cape Rear Window
– Bolt Cape Front Left Door Window
– Bolt Cape Front Right Door Window
– Bolt Cape Left Body Window A
– Bolt Cape Right Body Window A


Under the hood
– Battery
– Radiator C
– Radiator C Cap
– Brake Servo


– 2x Front Exhaust Pipe (V8 OHV) B
– 2x Middle Muffler
– 2x Rear Muffler (V8 OHV)


Under Front
– Gearbox (V8 OHV)
– Front Suspension Crossmember E
– Steering Rack
– Starter (V8)
– Front Sway Bar B
– 2x Inner Tie Rod
– 2x Outer Tie Rod
– 2x Front Steering Knuckle C
– 2x Front Axle Knuckle Cover
– 2x Front Wheel Hub
– 2x Wheel Hub Bearing
– 2x Wheel Hub Cap
– 2x Brake Disc Vantilated
– 2x Brake Pads
– 2x Brake Caliper
– 2x Brake Caliper Cylinder
– 2x Bottom Suspension Arm
– 2x Sway Bar Front End Link B
– 2x Upper Suspension Arm
– 12x Rubber Bushing


Under Rear
– Fuel Tank
– Fuel Pump
– Coil-Spring Rear Drive Axle
– Drive Shaft
– 2x Rear Axle Knuckle Housing B
– 2x Wheel Hub 4
– 2x Drum Wheel Cylinder
– 2x Brake Shoe
– 2x Solid Rear Drive Axle
– 2x Brake Drum
– 2x Solid-Axle Control Arm
– 2x Rubber Bushing
– 2x Leaf Spring Plate
– 4x Leaf Spring U-Bolt


Shock Absorber
– 2x Double Wishbone Shock Absorber
– 2x Front Spring
– 2x Front Shock Absorber Cap
Dont Forget to combine them in the Spring Puller
– 2x Rear Shock Absorber B
– 2x Spring Cap
– 2x Rear Spring
– 2x Rear Shock Absorber Cap


Standard Wheels and Tires
– 4x Rim Cape
Siza 15
– 4x Vintage Tire Wall A
Size 15 Width 205 Profile 70

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