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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – How to Do a Path Test

29 July 2017, Saturday, 19:55:49


How to Do a Path Test

The path test is unlocked using the XP system. It is available upon reaching level 5 and is unlocked at your toolbox. Once unlocked, first move the vehicle you want to test to the test path, then follow the steps below to successfully complete the path test.


Step 1



Go through the doors to the left of the repair table.




Approach this machine and left click it.



Step 2



The first time you use it you will get a message to repair it. Do that, and then in the future the option to test will come up as displayed.



Step 3



You will now be in your car and may proceed with the test. Victory! (Unless you get the bug where you can’t move the car. Plugging in a controller may fix it in some cases. If not, Alt-F4 seems to be the only way to get out. You will lose any progress since last save. Recommend that you save before doing the path test until this bug is fixed.)

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Name : Dist | Comment Date : July 30th, 2017

I can not open the door! 🙁 The car is in but I can not and I can not get the car out either from the outside.

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