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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 PC Controls

10 July 2017, Monday, 0:10:19


PC Controls

Controls and useful information about the game mechanics.

I – Inventory – Pretty self-explanatory

O – Order information – When standing next to a car, this shows the task description of what you need to do to the car, faulty parts found, the car brand and model, which are fictional, minimum condition all the parts must be, money spent on job, bonus for completing tasks, and finally the bonus for completing the order. Here you can also choose a favorite for a part, creating a neon blue silhouette around the part and also you can finish the job regardless if the tasks are completed or not.

M – Move vehicle – When standing next to car you want to move, press M and select the destination. Parts that can be disassembled from under the hood without the need to use the lift, are usually airfilters, fuel filters, ignition coils, batteries, throttles, intakes, fuel rails, timing parts, exhaust manifolds, spark plugs, camshafts, camgears, brake servos, ABS pumps and modules, radiators and radiator fans, alternators, powersteering pumps, water pumps, engine head covers as well as engine heads.

H – Toggle body mode – When standing next to the car, you can press H and that ghosts the car body, making all the parts easier to see.

C – Toggle conditions mode – This mode allows you to see at what conditions parts are, just like you would in a manual examine mode.

T – Tablet – This device can be unlocked after earning 1000 experience points.

1 – Disassemble mode – In this mode you disassemble parts, whether you’re looking at and engine, wheels, undercarriage, or even the body, just hold right click on the part you want to disassemble and off you go.

2 – Assemble mode – Pretty much the same as the disassemble mode, but it shows white ghosted parts where the parts belong. Hold right click on the ghosted part you want to assemble back to the car until a pop-up list appears and select the part from the list.

3 – Manual examine – In this mode you can manually examine parts by holding right click. Please note that not all parts can be manually examined. Every part that has been taken off can be seen at a set amount of prosentage, whether it’s in the inventory or on the pop-up menu of assembly. White means not examined, red broken, orange bad quality (you don’t need to replace orange parts), yellow medium quality, and green good/excellent quality.



Mouse Controls:
Free Roam mode:
Left Click: Use highlighted item (Door, switch, phone, computer)
Right Click: Interact with highlighted item (Door, switch, phone,
computer) (slower)

Free Examine (Normal) mode:
Left Click: Use highlighted part –OR– select Repair mode for that
parts group
Right Click: Remove highlighted item (if requires removing bolts,
focuses on that part)

Free Examine (Body Assembly) mode:
Left Click: Use highlighted part
Right Click: Install highlighted item (if requires installing
bolts, focuses on that part)

Repair (Disassembly — OR– Assembly) mode:
Left Click: Look at part
Right Click: Interact with part (if requires removing/installing
bolts, hold LEFT CLICK on highlighted bolts to complete
Scroll wheel up/down: Zoom in/out on part you are focused on
(much more accurate for tight areas than keyboard)

Repair (Examine) mode:
Left Click: Look at part
Right Click: Examine part if part allows without removal/test
drive/test path/tool
Scroll wheel up/down: Zoom in/out on part you are focused on
(much more accurate for tight areas than keyboard)

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