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Cold Waters Ship Designations

10 June 2017, Saturday, 16:39:02


Ship Designations

LST – Landing ship Tank
AS – Submarine Tender
AOR – Replenishment Oiler
AE – Ammunition Ship
AP – Transport
FF – Frigate
FFG – Guided Missile Frigate
DD – Destroyer
DDG – Guided Missile Destroyer
CL – Light Cruiser
CG – Guided Missile Cruiser
CGN – Nuclear-powered Guided Missile Cruiser
CGH – Guided Missile Helicopter Carrier
CVGH – Guided Missile Helicopter Fixed-wing Carrier
SS – Submarine
SSK – Hunter Killer Submarine
SSG – Cruise Missile Submarine
SSN – Nuclear Submarine
SSGN – Nuclear Cruise Missile Submarine
SSBN – Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine
BIO – Biologic

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