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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front Achievements

4 June 2017, Sunday, 20:08:21


Company of Heroes: Eastern Front Achievements

Build a US Willys Jeep.


The man himself!
Produce an IS-2 tank.


Heroes of the Soviet Union
Playing as Soviets, have only veterancy 3 squads at the end of the game.


Stransky strikes back!
Have a Skirmish Commander at veterancy 4 or a Wehrmacht Officer at veterancy 3.


Collateral Damage
Destroy all ambient buildings on a map.


Playing as Ostheer, have only veterancy 4 squads at the end of the game.


We have a heavy one, too!
Playing as USA, call-in a Pershing and receive veterancy 3 with it.


Feldwebel Steiner – The Legend!
Have a Landser squad with 50 kills in one game.


One Man Army
Have a single sniper with 100 confirmed kills.


Beast Killer
Destroy 5 tanks with a single ISU-152.


As an Axis faction, lose a game that lasts more than 90 minutes.


King of the Jungle
Destroy 10 tanks with the Elefant.


From Germany with Love
Playing as Panzer Elite, get a Kettenkrad to veterancy 3.


Crazy Willy
Playing as USA, get a Jeep to veterancy 3.


The Wolverine – Path of the Warrior
Build 10 M10 tanks in a single game.


Can you cut with a MG42?
Get 50 kills with a single HMG42.


Tigers are forever
Playing as Panzer Elite, get a Bergetiger to veterancy 3.


Lend Lease
Playing as Brits or Soviets, use only stolen team weapons in a game.


What is the R-Key?
Win a game not reinforcing a single squad.


Let’s Rush for Berlin
As an allied faction, win a game in less than 15 minutes.


Big cats won’t save you
Call in a Kingtiger and still lose the game.




Build 3, 8.8cm Flaks and have more than 100 total kills (everything in a single round).


We bled for this
Have your losses exceed 200 and still win the game.


Playing as Ostheer, destroy 5 tanks with a single T-34 Beutepanzer.


Kolobanov’s Quarter
Destroy 6 tanks with a KV-1.


Who is Otto Carius?
Destroy 10 tanks and 2 light vehicles using a single Tiger.


Angriff der Gruppe Steiner war ein Befehl!
Playing as Ostheer, win a game while only controlling your HQ sector.


You shall not pass!
Get 75 kills with a Churchill heavy tank.


Hokey games and ancient meta are no match for a good tank at your side, kid.
Call-in only the Pershing tank and gain veterancy 3 with it.


My name is Brad Pitt and I’m no tank commander!
Kill 25 german tanks with a single 76mm Sherman.


We are the Volkssturm!
Build only Volksgrenadiers and win the game.


My name is Tiger tank and I don’t believe in Brad Pitt!
Kill 25 tanks with a single Tiger.


German Hummels can’t fly
Call-in a Hummel, that survives until the end of the game.


Human Wave
Playing as Soviets, win a game using only infantry and support weapons.


Kill 10 soldiers, 1 light vehicle and 1 tank with a single Sturmtiger.


Soviet Windustry
Win a game and build only T34/76s and SU-76s (no other vehicles).


King Woroshilov II
Destroy 25 vehicles with a single KV-2 in one game.


Vasily Zaytsev
Playing as Soviets, have a veterancy 3 sharpshooter that never took damage.


Medal of Honor: Airborne Assault
Win the game and have 3, veterancy 3 airborne squads in the end.


Hitler’s Cats
Build only Tigers and Panthers (no other vehicles) in a game.


Danko Dankts
Win a game using only Danko and call-in infantry.

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