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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front Cheat Codes

3 June 2017, Saturday, 20:37:50


Company of Heroes: Eastern Front Steam Version Cheats

First thing you need to set the game up so you can use console.
Step 1 – Go to the game
Step 2 – Right click on the game select game properties
Step 3 – Click on launch options




Step 4 – Type this exactly as i do -dev and then hit enter




And thats it now when you start a match thats not online hit ctrl shift and ` you can also use ctrl-shift and ` or ¬ and for some ctrl-shift and ‘ or @





Cheat Codes

setsimrate(x) – Sets the game speed, where X represents a number (i.e. setsimrate (3)) and the default speed is 10.
taskbar_hide – Hides the Taskbar
taskbar_show – Shows the Taskbar
ee_bigheadmode(1/0) – Toggles the Big Head mode on (1) or off (0) if you want your infantry or units to look ridiculous.
restart – Restarts the game
abort – Aborts the game
statgraph() – Enables the “statgraph_channel” codes
statgraph_channel(“fps”) – Displays how many frames-per-second your game is running at, useful if you need to optimize your performance.
Message_Hide – Hides all incoming messages
Message_Show – Shows all incoming messages

Player_SetPopCapOverride(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), 1000)

Change resources –  Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(),RT_Fuel, 9999)

Change resources – Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(),RT_Manpower, 9999)

Change resources – Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(),RT_Munition, 9999)

Reveal the map   –  FOW_RevealAll

Take good screen shots    –  taskbar_hide

To make taskbar appear  –  taskbar_show


Note: In order for this to work you need to type it in exactly like i did use uppercase letter where there’s uppercase letters.

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