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Constructor PC Controls

27 May 2017, Saturday, 1:17:18


Constructor PC Controls

Tab – View map and purchase estates.

M – Show your current missions.

O – Display options.

G – View gadget factory.

1 – View all current residential houses.

2 – Purchase a house and yard (incl. other buildings).

3 – Select objects to build (gadgets).

Q – Allow selection of important characters.

W – Police Station information.

E – Mob Boss negotiations.

R – Toggle the radar on/off when inside a building.

B – Display the bank.

P – Pause/unpause the game.

PGUP – Speed up the game.

PGDOWN – Slow down the game.

CTRL + F1-F10 – Create a control group from currently selected characters. Press F1-F10 to reselect that group. If you’re inside a building you will also call that group to the building.

Shift + F11/F11 – Lower/Raise your SFX volume.

Shift + F12/F12 – Lower/Raise your BGM volume.

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