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Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy Gems, Keys and Bonus Rounds

6 July 2017, Thursday, 13:55:21


Gems, Keys and Bonus Rounds

You can earn valuable Gems and Keys throughout your adventure. Gems are awarded in the Stage Clear area by getting through an entire level without losing one Crash and breaking open all of the boxes. Keys are awarded in the Cortex Bonus Rounds. Gems and Keys allow Crash to access secret areas that were not originally open to him.

Bonus Rounds can be accessed by collecting tokens found inside boxes. These tokens may feature the likenesses of Tawna, Dr. Neo Cortex, or Dr. N. Brio. Once you have collected all 3 tokens, you will be transported to a Bonus Round that features a ton of boxes and Wumpa fruit. If you end up falling off the screen, do not worry you will not lose a life, you simply will be transported back to the level you started from.

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