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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PS4 Unlockables Guide

28 June 2017, Wednesday, 23:09:52


To obtain a gem, you must break all of the boxes on a given level. You can use this to keep track of how many boxes you’ve broken.



Unlockable       How to unlock
White Gem 1 – Break 47 Boxes on N. Sanity Beach
White Gem 2 – Break 35 Boxes on Jungle Rollers, Green Gem Required
White Gem 3 – Break 26 Boxes on The Great Gate, Yellow Gem Required
White Gem 4 – Break 16 Boxes on Boulders
White Gem 5 – Break 14 Boxes on Upstream, Orange Gem Required
White Gem 6 – Break 46 Boxes on Rolling Stones, Blue Gem Required
White Gem 7 – Break 24 Boxes on Hog Wild
White Gem 8 – Break 41 Boxes on Native Fortress, Red Gem Required
White Gem 9 – Break 13 Boxes on Up the Creek
Green Gem – Break 26 Boxes on The Lost City
White Gem 10 – Break 67 Boxes on Temple Ruins
White Gem 11 – Break 28 Boxes on Road to Nowhere, Red Gem Required
White Gem 12 – Break 33 Boxes on Boulder Dash, Purple Gem Required
White Gem 13 – Break 51 Boxes on Sunset Vista
White Gem 14 – Break 30 Boxes on Heavy Machinery
White Gem 15 – Break 35 Boxes on Cortex Power, Blue Gem Required
Orange Gem – Break 44 Boxes on Generator Room
Blue Gem – Break 26 Boxes on Toxic Waste
White Gem 16 – Break 16 Boxes on The High Road
Red Gem – Break 31 Boxes on Slippery Climb
Purple Gem – Break 15 Boxes on Lights Out, Yellow Gem Required
White Gem 17 – Break 60 Boxes on Jaws of Darkness, Blue Gem Required
White Gem 18 – Break 24 Boxes on Castle Machinery
Yellow Gem – Break 21 Boxes on The Lab
White Gem 19 – Break 24 Boxes on Whole Hog
Final White Gem – Break 34 Boxes on Stormy Asceht

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