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Crashday Redline Edition Cheat Codes

11 August 2017, Friday, 0:36:45


Cheat Codes

Unlock All Cars

Ctrl+Shift+X – When selecting career event – Unlock all cars


Unlock Career Event

Ctrl+Shift+Z – Unlock career event


Bonus Cars:

Win the indicated group to unlock the car.

Apachee 200X – Finals Group A
Bornbad GT90 – Professionals Group B
Buster GSt – Amateurs Group B
Firespitter RS – Professionals Group A
Incubator V12 – The Final Fight
Ironhorze V8 – Professionals Group B
Pick’Em’Up V8 – Professionals Group A
The Wrecker – Finals Group A


Bonus Weapons:

Win the indicated group to unlock the weapon.

Minigun – Amateurs Group B
Double Missiles – Professionals Group B
Single Missiles – Professionals Group A



Complete the indicated division to unlock the mini-game.

Checkpoint Chase II – Final Division
Long Jump II – Amateurs Division
Vehicle Blast II – Professional Division

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