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Crossout – Market: Buy / Sell, Currency, and Fuel

27 July 2017, Thursday, 22:59:10


Crossout – Market: Buy / Sell, Currency, and Fuel

The market is an area where players can put up for sale whatever is possible to be sold, for a more or less annoying price.

The interest of this place is the possibility for a free-2-play, to be able to obtain the famous currency necessary to the rent of a workbench of faction, or to buy a missing piece, without too much to take the head.

The market meets the principle of supply and demand: players put up for sale at a certain price their commodities, and others are looking for a product to X coins. If you have a rare but unnecessary item, it may be useful to put it on sale, especially if it is not, Is really not common and in high demand, prices are climbing fast. What is also interesting, and is certainly the basis of the economy in free-2-play, is the price of fuel. Indeed, in addition to serving to fill your fuel gauge, whenever you have 100 fuel units, you can resell it on the market.

The supply and demand being stable, the course is 25 pieces. Battery for a rare workbench. Knowing that in addition, the fuel comes by 5 when you win a game AND you survive : 100/5 = 20 Survive 20 winning games and you can make yourself +25 pieces. Part = 5 minutes therefore it takes about 1:10 to make your fuel. EDIT: from the maj 0.7.0, It is possible to craft a larger fuel tank, to amass the double of fuel per battle. Forecast a lower fuel price. Please be aware that when selling, you can set your price. Pay attention to the current demand (bottom pricing) to see what price you can sell instantly and how much. Likewise when buying (upper price component), look at what is the lowest price you can buy.

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