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Cuphead World Map Secrets Guide

30 September 2017, Saturday, 12:49:48


World Map Secrets

A guide detailing secrets and coins hidden on the world map.


World I
You will be introduced to the world map, where you can interact with NPC’s and enter levels.

Without further ado, here is a (possibly not-so-hidden) path you can take.

Follow along the river and head north until you come to a natural overpass.




Simply head up and hang a right along the bend the river makes, and you’ll find yourself here.




If not unlocked already, you will get the “Corner Cutter” achievement for discovering your first shortcut.

There is a hidden coin you can add to your collection here.

First, locate the chipper-looking fellow and examine the trees to the side of him. Though not shown in the screenshot, you should notice some yellow among the branches, approximated to be shown in red.




You may have to desperately mash keys towards the hidden coin until the coin is in your possession.



World II
The second area is a carnival-like setting. There are secrets to be found here, too.

As soon as you enter the area, you will no doubt have found the barbershop trio, who are missing their fourth man.

You can find him after the Madame Von Bon Bon (Sugarland Shimmy) fight. Examine the tent to the left shown here. Go to the back and around, and you should find him.


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While you do not get a coin out of this, you can be treated to a song performed by the (now reunited) quartet.


You can discover a hidden path here, as well.
Go to the “Aviary Action” stage area.




You can go around and behind the bird house, and travel behind some mountainside and find yourself on the other side of the map.




Return and speak with the candy girl next to the “Aviary Action” area, and she will give you a coin for your troubles. Also, you can speak with the juggler after you have successfully parried four times in a row without touching the ground, and you can get a coin as a reward.



A coin is hidden behind this shack, approximated by red.




Another one for your collection! Now, on to the next area.



World III
The big city has its fair share of hidden goodies

A hidden path near the junkyard can take you to the theater, bypassing several bosses and levels.

Make your way to the junkyard. By past experience with things not being as they seem, walk under the crane…




…and make your way around…




Until you’ve reached the theatre!




It’s showtime!
More importantly, there’s a coin here!




Go on, take it. I won’t stop you.



World IV
The Last Hidden Coin

Enter the underworld, and approach the casino. The last hidden coin is found to the left of the dice walls, shown in red.




You may need to fiddle a bit with the locating, but you’ll eventually find it.




If you have obtained all coins from NPC’s, and fought tooth and nail to collect every coin on the level, you will have obtained the “High Roller” achievement for every coin pocketed. Go, and purchase that upgrade that has been taunting you!

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