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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Missable Achievements Guide

7 July 2017, Friday, 12:05:04


I will only include the missable achievements in this guide. The achievements that are not described in this guide are all story-related and therefore cannot be missed.

Raised Komaru to Max Level
This achievement is rewarded for leving Komaru up to Level 99. This achievement was the last for me to obtain. You`ll probably need two playthroughs for this. I got this at the end of the second playthrough. There`s also a skill that gives you a quicker EXP boost. Try to equip it as early as possible (it`s at the beginning of Chapter 4). If you still need EXP, i reccommend the beginning of Episode 4.



Monokuma Genocider
One playthough isn`t enough for this one. You`ll automatically get this after killing 1000 Monokumas. I got this in the middle of my second playthrough.



Your license to kill is revoked
You get this after handing over all hit lists to Mrs. Hagakure. The last time that you are able to hand things over is at the beginning of chapter 5. After finishing the game and collecting everything, return to this point by using Chapter Select.



Just don`t run with them
You`ll have to max out Genocide Jack`s scissors at the weapon shop. That should be no problem, you`ll have more then enough. You`ll get this for sure on the second playthrough. Just kill the Monokumas perfectly by shooting them in their eye. Gold coins give more Monocoins



Blinged up

Buying all Bling Bullets from the shop is a more difficult task though. You`ll need a lot of Monocoins. You get this for sure on your second playthrough though. Just kill the Monokumas perfectly by shooting them in their eye. Gold coins give more Monocoins. For one Bling Bullet you`ll also need 10.000 Monocoins, that means the Monocoins Achievement are automatically gained when pursuing this achievement





Ultra-Know-It-All Girls
This achievement requires collecting all scrap notes.



Hide-and-Seek Champion
This achievement requires collecting all Hidden Kids.



Skill Queen
This achievement requires finding all skill books. You get skill books for completing chapters with an A grade, that means, you`ll also need to get all A grades for this achievement. An A grade depends on the Arcade Rooms that you solved correctly, the Hidden Kids you found and the retries. So… better try not to die. Also, i found that Chapter 4 was the most difficult one to get an A grade on. Keep that in mind.


All Collectibles Guide:


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