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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – First Class Trial – Guide

27 September 2017, Wednesday, 16:02:59


First Class Trial

Nonstop Debate:
-Truth Bullet: Rantaro’s belongings
-Weak Point: Rantaro was mastermind


Nonstop Debate:
-Truth Bullet: Korekiyo’s account
-Agree Point: Never went to the library


Multiple Choice:


Mass Panic Debate
-Truth Bullet: Rantaro’s
-Weak Point: Maki’s account


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Sliding door
-Weak Point: With that sliding door


Spot Selection
-Projector Screen


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Moving Bookcase
-Weak Point: No obstacles


Select Truth Bullet
-Hidden Door Photos


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Card Reader Dust
-Weak Point: Hidden door


Rebuttal Showdown
-Truth Blade: Front Entrance Photos
-Weak Point: Rejoin Everyone


Select Truth Bullet
-Stacked Books


Multiple Choice
-The security sensor going off


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Hidden Door Photos
-Weak Point: The moving bookcase


Nonstop Debate
-Lie Bullet: Receiver on Shuichi / Receiver on Kaede
-Weak Point: Also had the receiver


Debate Scrums


Multiple Choice
-Camera Flash
-To lure the mastermind closer


Select Someone
-Kaede Akamatsu


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Lookout classroom
-Weak Point: We know that it was in the library


Hangman’s Gambit


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Stacked Books
-Agree Point: It started rolling on its own


Multiple Choice
-Miu Iruma
-When whe was leaving the classroom


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Promotional Video BGM
-Weak Point: Library shoulda been quiet


Multiple Choice


Argument Armament


Closing Argument
-Kaito, Gonta and Tenko
-Bow to Miu Iruma
-Several shot put balls in the wooden box
-Prop the vent grate up
-Open the encyclopedia
-Turn on the flash function
-Security sensor receiver goes off
-Classroom vent
-Rantaro notices the flash
-Killing Game promotional video plays at a loud volume
-Bookcase returns to its original position




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