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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Second Class Trial – Guide

28 September 2017, Thursday, 16:40:42


Second Class Trial – Guide

Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Monokuma File 2
-Weak Point: And he was eaten alive


Multiple Choice
-Before the show started


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Water Tank Trick
-Agree Point: Secret hatch


Rebuttal Showdown
-Truth Blade: Wet Staircase
-Weak Point: Would have been water


Multiple Choice
-She changed her uniform


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Gonta’s Account
-Weak Point: No one saw anything


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Square Glass Pane
-Agree Point: Body and piranhas were separated


Select Truth Bullet
-Crammed Piranhas


Multiple Choice
-Yesterday, before nighttime


Select Truth Bullet
-Witnessing Ryoma


Mass Panic Debate
-Truth Bullet: Kokichi’s Account
-Weak Spot: Did not stay at the gym


Multiple Choice
-Miu Iruma
-Maki Harukawa


Select Someone
-Kokichi Oma


Nonstop Debate
-Lie Bullet: Maki Alone / Maki Not Alone
-Weak Point: Prove that this meeting took place…


Debate Scrum


Multiple Choice

-The ladder doesn’t reach the window


Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Pool Rules
Weak Point: Only place that fits is the pool


Select Truth Bullet
-Scratched Sink
-Scratched Handcuffs


Spot Selection



Psyche Taxi
-Lab window
-Gym window
-From the window to window


Spot Selection


Select Truth Bullet
-Tennis Net Cable


Hangman’s Gambit


Mind Mine
-Inner tube

Multiple Choice

-It was nighttime


Select Someone
-Kirumi Tojo


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Alibis For Yesterday
-Weak Point: Could have been done by anyone


Rebuttal Showdown
-Truth Blade: Marked Window Frame
-Weak Point: But there is no evidence


Select Truth Bullet
-Black Piece of Fabric


Argument Armament
-Final Argument: KI RU MI’S GLOVES


Closing Argument
-Metal handcuffs in the water
-Piranha tank lid
-Carried the rope
-Gym’s window frame and rope
-Handcuffed victim
-Rubber inner tube
-Hanged inner tube
-Friction on the Glove
-Piranhas swarming in the tank


Voting Time
-Kirumi Tojo




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