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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Third Class Trial – Guide

29 September 2017, Friday, 13:20:45


Third Class Trial – Guide

Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Necronomicon
-Weak Point: Did work


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Tsumugi’s Account
-Weak Point: Broke in


Mass Panic Debate
-Truth Bullet: Kokichi’s Lockpicking
-Weak Point: Only student council members


Multiple Choice
-The back door


Mind Mine
-Gold leaf katana


Psyche Taxi
-Katana’s hilt
-Katana was stabbed into effigy
-Spinning it


Multiple Choice
-Korekiyo, Shuichi, Himiko, Kokichi


Spot Selection
-Hole in the corner


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Hole In The Corner
-Weak Point: Our villain had a light


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: White Sheet
-Weak Point: Moment cage was lifted


Rebuttal Showdown
-Truth Blade: Marker Stone
-Weak Point: Sitting in there


Select Someone
-Tenko Chabashira


Nonstop Debate
-Lie Bullet: Tenko’s Last Moments / Tenko Died Instantly
-Weak Point: With the last of her strange


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Sound During Seance
-Agree Point: Something Fall


Select Truth Bullet
-Loose Floorboard


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Crosspiece Under the Floor
-Agree Point: Stomped through the floorboard


Hangman’s Gambit
-Seesaw effect


Multiple Choce
-The top of the cage


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Bloody Kokichi
-Agree Point: Other rooms maybe trapped


Select Truth Bullet
-Magic Circle Korekiyo Drew


Select Someone
-Korekiyo Shinguji


Multiple Choice


Hangman’s Gambit
-Magic Circle


Spot Selection
-Lines that stretched to the room’s corners


Rebuttal Showdown
-Truth Blade: White Sheet
-Weak Point: I had no opportunity


Debate Scrum


Select Truth Bullet
-Dried Blood Under the Floor


Multiple Choice
-It happened before the seance
-Angie Yonaga


Nonstop Debate
-Truth Bullet: Necronomicon
-Agree Point: She wanted a candle


Select Truth Bullet
-Forehead Injury


Rebuttal Showdown
-Truth Blade: Bloody Duct Tape
-Weak Point: There was no evidence anywhere


Multiple Choice
-The murder of Angie Yonaga


Argument Armament


Closing Argument
-Cut crosspiece under the floor
-The removed floorboard
-Stuck duct tape
-Removed the gold leaf katana
-Stabbed Kaede’s effigy
-Hit the sliding lock
-Kokichi’s lock picking
-The small stone Himiko brought
-Sickle placed to kill
-Shichi extinquishes the flame
-The path made with salt
-Stomp hard on the floorboard
-Footsteps contaminating the scene


Voting Time
-Korekiyo Shinguji




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