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Dark and Light Achievements

21 July 2017, Friday, 22:45:23



Survival of the Fittest
Slay your first creature.


A New World
Complete the “New World” quest chain.


Reach Player Level 20.


Cold Blood
Kill another player.


Master Fighter
Complete all Combat Mastery quests.


Master Mage
Complete all Magic Mastery quests.


Master Blacksmith
Complete all Smithing Mastery quests.


Master Homesteader
Complete all Homestead Mastery quests.


Master Hunter
Complete all Hunting Mastery quests.


Master Builder
Complete all Building Mastery quests.


…To Riches
Donate gold coins to vendors to reach Aristocrat V status.


From Rags…
Donate gold coins to vendors to reach Vagabond I status.


Reach Player Level 60.


Reach Player Level 40.


Golden Fleece
Craft fur from a golden sheep.


Legendary Mount
Tame a Griffin, Unicorn or Nidhog.


City Dweller
Complete the “City Dweller” quest chain.


Slay an Infernus Dragon or Frost Dragon.


Transform yourself into a beast.


Craft 1,000 items with a single character.


Slay 100 creatures with a single character.


This Means War
Craft a House War Flag


A Great House
Create or Join a House.


Craft fur from a tamed sheep.


Animal Handler
Tame your first creature.


Take Shelter
Place 10 straw dwelling structures with a single character.


You’re a Wizard!
Craft your first magic staff and spell.


The Call of Adventure
Complete the “Call of Adventure” quest chain.


Slay 50 players with a single character.

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