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Dark and Light – Advanced Resources (Crafted Resources) Guide

29 July 2017, Saturday, 11:44:31


Advanced Resources (Crafted Resources)

-If you burn wood instead of straw you will get charcoal. Be sure to do all the fire work with wood, to stack up early on.
-With a mortar & pestle, you can make quartz sand from stones and sulfur powder from sulfur ore.
-Later on, you can grind down light and darkstone in the pestle too.


Magical Essences
-First, you need to craft/have access to a magical workbench/altar
-Use filled waterbottles with magic shards to get the Magic Essences.
-Get Elemental Cores from lootdrops or by draining spell on elemental bodies.
-Use the generic essence with teh cores to get elemental essences.


-With tames like a boar you will be able to get mushrooms (white and yellow)
-In the swamps and lava areas you will get red and “other white” ones

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