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Dark and Light – How To Get Divine Beasts

9 August 2017, Wednesday, 15:37:42


How To Get A Divine Beast

Tame An Elite Unicorn And It Will Evolve Later Into A Pegasus.


Sacred Griffin
Tame An Elite Griffin And It Will Evolve Into A Sacred Griffin Later.


Tame An Elite Nidhog And Later It Will Evolve Into A Windrider.


Crystalline Beast
Tame An Elite Kodo Will Become A Crystalline Beast.

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Name : Derrin | Comment Date : August 15th, 2017

How long does this take? 24 hours? 72 hours?

Name : brodie | Comment Date : August 27th, 2017

these aren’t even close to accurate the real process is extremely difficult, you must capture them inside a building of ur creation and then ur character must remain alive and nearby the creature for anywhere from 8-40 hours its honestly insanity but if you try taming an elite you’ll get nowhere because they can’t be tamed.

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