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Dark and Light – Human Vendors Guide

3 August 2017, Thursday, 21:59:29


Human Vendors and What They Sell

Artemis Payne


Selling: Consumable; Resource


Boghar Thonn


Selling: Consumable; Equippable; Weapon


Corben Thames


Selling: Structures


Gunther Smith


Selling: Weapons


Liana Elmore


Selling: Consumable


Sol Graves


Selling: Equippable; Resource


Selling Items
To sell something you have to check the right vendor from the list below, collect the right amount of the item you want to sell.
Now go to that vendor, click on the item you want to sell and click the ‘NPC Sell’ button below.
IMPORTANT: You can only sell the same item to the same vendor once per day (reset at 8 am).

You can sell:

Artemis Payne:
– 50 Twine for 38 G


Bogar Thonn:
– 40 Wood for 30 G
– 30 Twine for 23 G
– 100 Magic Shards for 50 G


Corben Thames:
– 100 Straw for 15 G
– 100 Twine for 75 G
– 100 Wood for 75 G
– 100 Stone for 100 G


Gunther Smith:
– 100 Wood for 75 G
– 40 Stones for 100 G
– 100 Twine for 75 G
– 50 Hide for 100 G


Liana Elmore:
– 30 Raw Meat for 60 G
– 50 Berries for 25 G
– 50 Mushrooms for 38 G
– 50 Apples for 50 G


Sol Graves:
– 100 Magic Shards for 50 G
– 50 Stones for 50 G
– 30 Quartz Sand for 30 G
– 50 Hide for 100 G
– 50 Fur for 200 G


Vendor Level
As you might noticed, the vendors do have a level.
The higher the level – the better items you can buy from them.




To raise the level you have to donate gold to them.

The donation allows you to invest into a vendor.
His stock will refresh and you will get a discount based on your ‘Yield Rate’ [right hand corner above the npc picture].
The more you donate – the higher the yield rate will be.
[The highest I got by now is 500%]

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