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Dark and Light – NPC Spawn Codes with Teleport Codes

3 August 2017, Thursday, 21:14:05


NPC Spawn Codes with Teleport Codes

How to Use
A quick simple guide to spawning npcs and placing them in their correct locations. To start with enable cheats on your server with:

enablecheats passwordhere

I advise using:

cheat god
cheat infinitestats

Just in case you run into something! Just retype the command after spawning everything to turn it off.

About the commands

cheat setplayerpos
This command teleports you to the x y z coords.

i.e. cheat setplayerpos 47524 -201712 -3443
This will teleport you to the location in front of Darmok Thunderhoof.

cheat summon
This summons or spawns in whatever you call for after.



Sol Graves
cheat setplayerpos -287528 47182 -8982
cheat summon npc_f_0006_character_bp_c


Gunther Smith
cheat setplayerpos -288128 46868 -8982
cheat summon npc_m_0019_character_bp_c


Artemis Payne
cheat setplayerpos -289864 45482 -8982
cheat summon npc_m_0102_character_bp_c


Corben Thames
cheat setplayerpos -290354 48261 -8982
cheat summon npc_m_0013_character_bp_c


Bogar Thonn
cheat setplayerpos -289612 48482 -8982
cheat summon npc_m_0015_character_bp_c


Liana Elmore
cheat setplayerpos -289898 50703 -8919
cheat summon npc_f_1002_character_bp_c



Elidor El’idan
cheat setplayerpos -21276 170924 -5905
cheat summon npc_m_2104_busi_character_bp_c


Taluriel Faeliss (outside)
cheat setplayerpos -18650 168028 -5906
cheat summon npc_m_1004_character_bp_c


Taluriel Faeliss (inside)
cheat setplayerpos -14603 173097 -5842
cheat summon npc_m_0014_spirit_farmer_character_bp_c


Zahir Du’ravine
cheat setplayerpos -14603 173399 -5750
cheat summon npc_f_1005_character_bp_c


Freylith Willows
cheat setplayerpos -12694 172225 -5904
cheat summon npc_f_1001_inn_character_bp_c


Vessali Fa’arin
cheat setplayerpos -3656 173033 -4406
cheat summon npc_f_1104_priest_character_bp_c



Darmok Thunderhoof
cheat setplayerpos 47524 -201712 -3443
cheat summon npc_m_2001_character_hunter_bp_c


Mattock Coalvale
cheat setplayerpos 52750 -198849 -3417
cheat summon npc_m_2002_character_cleric_bp_c


Armorer – Sindri (crop)
cheat setplayerpos 54086 -201066 -3478
cheat summon npc_m_2008_character_bp_c


cheat setplayerpos 54177 -203056 -3486
cheat summon npc_f_2003_character_bp_c


Magic Seller – Dagny
cheat setplayerpos 53611 -207095 -3441
cheat summon npc_f_2004_character_wizard_bp_c


Armorer – Sindri (armor)
cheat setplayerpos 48759 -207167 -3417
cheat summon npc_m_2007_character_bp_c

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Name : NeroHiro | Comment Date : August 8th, 2017

Taluriel Faeliss (inside)
cheat setplayerpos -14603 173097 -5842
cheat summon npc_m_0014_spirit_farmer_character_bp_c

Typo! the Coords are
cheat setplayerpos -16914 173345 -5842

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