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Dark and Light PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

22 July 2017, Saturday, 1:38:21


PC Controls

All of the activities in the games are associated with specific controls. You can obviously change those key bindings in the game menu whenever you feel the need to. The most common commands found in the game are described below.


Move Forward – W
Move Backwards – S
Strafe Left – A
Strafe Right – D
Run – Left Shift
Jump – SPACE
Crouch – C
Prone – X


Open Inventory – I
Access Other’s Inventory – F
Use Hotbar Slot Item – 0 – 9
Open Map – M
Item Menu – ?
Drop Item – O


Toggle Auto-Hide Chat box – \
Global Chat – ENTER
Local Chat – INSERT
Scroll Chat Up – Page Up
Scroll Chat Down – Page Down
Push to Talk – B (Hold to speak to other players using your microphone.)


Q = Holster/Unholster
ALT = Switch Hotbar Belt
Mouse 3/Middle Mouse Button = Center Camera
C = Radial Belt Menu
DEL = Show Co-ordinates


Item Transferring & Drop
A = Transfer
D = Drop
R = Access Inventory Space/Open Container

Mount Commands
` = All Follow
, = All Stay
B = Target Follow
M = Target Stay
J = All Neutral
K = All Passive
L = Attack/Move To Target

O = Task/Quests
U = Skills
I = Inventory
P = House Management


/ = Sorry/Regret
; = Nod/Affirmation
‘ = Shake Head/No
. = Laugh


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Name : Chris Wildey | Comment Date : August 25th, 2017

I don’t see and key bindings for roll/dodging Left/Right, Forwards/Backwards.

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