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Dead Cells Meat Grinder

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 18:03:37


Meat Grinder

These intimidating knights use their broadaxes as boomerangs, dealing huge amounts of damage. If you get trapped against a wall as their axe flies at you, well, you’d better kiss your cells goodbye.


-Boomerang axe

Behavior: If you are in range it will throw its axe at you, which will slow down and return to its owner at the edge of its range. The axe can deal damage multiple times as long as you stand inside of it. It cannot attack in any way until its axe returns. If it is killed while the axe is flying it will fly past it as it returns and continue flying until it encounters an obstacle.

Strategy: Surprisingly, these guys are not that hard to deal with. That is, when they are alone. If they are, lure them away if you can and just let them throw their axe, roll behind them and whack away until they are either dead or ready to throw their axe again, upon which you can rinse and repeat. If they are not alone it is best to bait out the axe throw and roll behind them to deal with the other enemies – it’ll take a couple of seconds before it can throw its axe again. Be ready for that though, since you don’t accidentally want to roll into the axe as it is at the end of its range, as you’ll get hit multiple times for heavy damage. Using skills from above also work very well since its axe can only reach right in front of it.

The most dangerous thing is encountering two of these at once. When this happens you can either sneak up on both from behind, hit the one in the back a couple of times and quickly escape down or up, wait until they start wandering randomly again and repeat. Alternatively you can use skills like you would for just one or use an immobilizing skill on one or both to create a larger window for attacks.

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